Last Night for the Glad Rags

We woke up feeling a little sad this morning, as the holiday we had waited for for so long is fast coming to an end.

So it was another nice relaxing sea day, and this time we were in the Bay of Biscay.  Usually this is a notoriously rough stretch of water, but this time, like the time going out, it was disappointingly calm!  🙂  Trevor and I are never sea-sick, and there is something quite exhilarating about being on a ship when the sea is rough, being buffeted about and tasting the salt spray on your lips.

We sat out on our balcony and drank the bottle of Pol Acker sparkling wine we had won in the “Mr & Mrs” competition.  Then we had a walk around the ship, and I took lots of photos for my gallery (see below).  I was amused to see other people going round taking their last lot of photos as well.

In the evening it was the final formal night, and there was lobster thermidor for dinner.  This is absolutely delicious; I simply adore lobster.  Most cruises serve it at least once during the voyage.

Then off to the show in the Royal Court Theatre; this time it was a comedian/impressionist/musician/singer – a good all-round entertainer in other words, called Allan Stewart.  He was side-splittingly funny.  He did decent impressions of well-known people but he really brought the house down with his impression of Captain Chris Wells – it was spot-on. 🙂

Afterwards we went off to – you’ve guessed it – the Golden Lion, where once again it was karaoke night.  I did Dido’s White Flag again, then Madonna’s Material Girl.  It was fun.  All the usual suspects were there; Bob and Val, Thomas, Rex and a few other familiar faces.

Then it was off to bed after another late night.

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