Another Sea Day

Woke up this morning to grey skies and rain, although it was, of course, still hot and sultry.  Went for breakfast in the Palms Café but didn’t sit outside this time.

At 10.00am we went along to the Neptune Lounge to listen to a lecture about the Amazon and Manaus, as that was one of the places we would be visiting.

Then we sat on our sheltered balcony and read our books for a while, before going to lunch.

Last night we bought some tickets for £10.00 each to attend the so-called “International Wine Fayre” and taste 16 wines from different countries. Obviously the idea is to tempt you to buy them, and they said that if you purchased six bottles, you got your ten quid refunded. Whoopee! When I say wine “tasting” however, that’s all you do get. They only put the tiniest mouthful in the bottom of your glass. So we did about three circuits of the room, having a taste of everything, until we felt that we’d got our money’s worth. 🙂

After a wine-induced afternoon nap, it was time to get ready for dinner. I decided I didn’t want to go up to the Grampian Restaurant and feed my face, so I told Trevor I’d join our table at the coffee-and-liqueurs stage of the meal. So I took my time getting ready and wandered along to the boutique, where I bought myself a red tankini.  My existing cossy is a bit tatty now, and not the most flattering style, but this new tankini is more comfortable and covers a multitude of sins, ha ha.  🙂  Must be getting old, lol.  🙂

Then I went to the Morning Light pub for a nice chilled glass of champagne.  Their prices are not at all bad; it was £4.50 for a 150ml glass of Lanson’s Black Label, or £5.00 for the Lanson’s Rosé.   Much more realistic than Cunard’s extortionate $20.00 + 15% service charge for a glass of champers!

While I was sitting at the bar chatting with some fellow passengers, I noticed out of the window that the colour of the sea had distinctly changed from its usual blue/grey shade to a sort of grey/yellow shade.  Obviously we were nearing the mouth of the Amazon!

Then I went up to the restaurant and joined the others for coffee and a glass of amaretto.  Afterwards we adjourned, as we do, to the Neptune Lounge to watch the cabaret; tonight we had a singer, Jamie Michael Stewart.  He was quite old-fashioned really, although I imagined he appealed to the 65+ age group.  He did a lot of Frank Sinatra and Matt Munro and that sort of stuff.  There was no denying he was a good singer, just not my taste in music.

After the show we went along to the Skylark Club for tonight’s quiz, and joined Colin and Liz.  We won again, with 20/20, and got another free bottle of wine, courtesy of Fred.  🙂

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