Cruising the Caribbean

Another day spent at sea today.  I quite enjoy the sea days; time is of no consequence, we can just do what we like, when we like.  When we crossed the Pacific on the Volendam in 2009, we had a full nine days at sea between the USA and Japan, so it is just as well we enjoy them.  A lot of people, however, prefer to wake up in a different port every day and don’t see the point of lots of days spent on the ship.  Chac’un a son goût, however.

As it was a sea day, it was another formal night, so after breakfast I went along to the salon to get some nail extensions done, as my own nails are in an atrocious state.  I got acrylic nails done against my better judgement as they usually leave your own nails thin and weak once they are removed.  But I couldn’t stand to look at them as they were, so I got some nice glittery nails put on, giving me proper talons.  🙂

Today we just enjoyed pottering around; sitting out on the balcony reading our books and watching the flying fish, or looking our for other ships or distant land.  We also got our sun things and went up on deck to laze by the pool and enjoy some cold beer or cocktails.  Ah, this is the life!  🙂

At tea-time I went along to the salon again to get my hair put up.  I put on my purple dress with the matching bolero jacket and my sparkly Unze shoes and a gorgeous necklace I’d made with Swarovski rivolis and crystals.

In the Bay Tree restaurant it was inevitably just the three of us again; either the other couple, Peter and Kate, had changed tables or they dined elsewhere.  The meal was delicious and we enjoyed a bottle of Mateus Rosé with it.

Then we hot-footed it along to the Arena, where the entertainment tonight was in the shape of Mark Porter, a bloke who did a bit of swing, big band and easy listening music, à la Frank Sinatra.  I actually thought he was quite good and enjoyed his show, but Trevor didn’t reckon much to him.

After the show we then went along to the Exchange and had a couple of drinks, before going to the Havana, where they were showing the Chapman Brothers.  Apparently they’d been on X-Factor a few years ago, but I didn’t remember seeing them.  We actually (for a change!) managed to get a good seat in the Havana for once.  The guys were twins and they looked a bit like Jason Grimshaw out of Coronation Street.  They did a spot of soul and Motown and they were very good.  Trevor preferred them to the main event.

After a night cap we returned to B238 and turned in for the night.

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