Just Another Sea Day :-)

Woke up once again to the predictable sunny and warm weather 🙂  Unlike Blighty where the weather is just about the most unpredictable thing there is.

We had another glorious day of lazing about to look forward to; after breakfast we brought our sunbathing stuff up to the pool deck and spent some time lying around, swimming, reading our books and drinking cocktails.  Later on we sat out on our balcony doing pretty much the same thing (apart from the swimming, lol)  😀

Tonight was another dressy-up night and, because I’d booked and paid to have my hair done on each of the formal nights, I was entitled to some free mini-treatments, including a foot and ankle massage, mini-facial and eye mask.  So I went along to the salon for a bit of pampering.

I love anyone playing with my feet, so I really enjoyed the foot massage; it was bliss.  The eye mask and facial too were very relaxing and my eyes looked brighter afterwards.  Of course, I knew it was going to be a way for them to try to sell me the products used (you don’t get owt for nowt, as we say in the North) and, sure enough, the therapist came along with the Elemis eye products she’d used, saying if I bought the set I could get them at the ‘bargain’ price of £78.00 instead of the usual £85.00.  Seventy-eight quid for some eye creams!!  No, thank you.

So the day went by in its usual lazy way, and soon I was back at the salon to have my hair put up.  Then it was into my glad-rags in time for dinner in the Bay Tree restaurant.  Once again it was just the three of us; no sign of Peter and Kate; in fact we’d only seen them once, on New Year’s Eve.

Tonight in the Arena theatre the entertainment featured a couple of young ladies playing the violin; it was called ‘String Idols’.  The music started, accompanied by the ship’s orchestra, and only a few minutes into the show it had to be halted due to some sound problems.  We waited about 10 minutes then they came back on again to continue their show.

Just then a horrid stench assailed my nostrils and I looked around, wondering what on earth it was and where it had come from.  I was in time to see an old gent a couple of rows behind me wiping vomit off his beard.  Eurgh, disgusting.  What made it worse was that he didn’t make any attempt to get up and leave; consequently the show was disrupted by people around this guy getting up and moving as far away as possible.  I had to watch the rest of the show with my hand over my nose to try to reduce the stink.  Yuk.  A good show but that spoilt it a bit and I couldn’t wait to leave the theatre.

Afterwards we went along to ‘Wetherspoon’s’ where they had a karaoke on.  I put my name down to do my usual numbers; I sang Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain as well as Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2U.  Some of the singers who got up were pretty good; for karaoke the standard was quite high for a change.

Then we had a couple of night caps and went back to B238 and turned in for the night.

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