The Rest of That Day

We woke up late this morning as we’d gone to bed so late; a luxury that had been denied the passengers of the Titanic. The sun was shining and the sea was much calmer. I didn’t go to breakfast but instead made use of the tea and coffee making facilities in our cabin.

We spent a lazy morning pottering around the ship, walking around on deck and enjoying a drink or two in the Observatory lounge, where the large windows afford fantastic views over the deep blue sea. We listened to the Captain’s announcement then decided just to have a light lunch of a mug of soup and a couple of sandwiches; it is far too easy to eat too much on a cruise, particularly when it is a long voyage of many sea days.

You would think it would be quite boring spending day after day at sea, but in fact the time passes surprisingly quickly. We crossed the Pacific on the Volendam in 2009 and spent nine full days and nights at sea, but we never find it boring at all. Even just standing at the railing, looking out to sea and thinking pleasant thoughts is an enjoyable way to pass the time. 🙂

The afternoon talk today in the Neptune lounge was given by Philip Littlejohn who, like Commodore Warwick the previous day, was talking about his dive down to the wreck of the Titanic. As ever, it was a fascinating talk and it is so interesting to be able to hear anecdotes and snippets of information from someone who actually had a grandfather on board Titanic.

We had a most agreeable evening meal once again then went along to see the cabaret, which was a fabulous soprano who sang a mixture of operatic and contemporary songs. I really enjoyed listening to her; she reached the high notes perfectly and didn’t screech. One thing we like about the entertainment on board the Balmoral is that there is something for everyone; pop music and modern stuff, songs from the West End musicals and also a bit of classical and opera, so something to suit all tastes.

When the show finished I was flagging a bit after our late night and my massive dinner, so I decided to go back to cabin 4170 and have an early night, while Trevor went up to the Lido lounge for the quiz and late entertainment. By the time he returned to our cabin I was fast asleep.

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