Southampton to Durham

Well, not a lot to write about today.  We woke up back in Southampton, got up and had our breakfast and Trevor went along to the gym to see if he could get a couple of plastic glasses for our wine on the bus later on.  😉

However, when he came back he said there weren’t any plastic or paper cups, just a water fountain.  So we decided to nick a couple of the heavy-duty plastic glasses used for juice and water in the self-service buffet, and then we went along and waited in the Curzon lounge for our call to disembark.

The buses were already lined up waiting, so we boarded and went upstairs, ready for the six-hour journey back to Washington Services.  We had a couple of comfort breaks, and at lunchtime opened the bottle of cava.  The traffic was OK and we arrived in Washington about 4.30pm, where our daughter Melanie was waiting to give us a lift back home.

So… the end of another interesting cruise.  Would we cruise around Britain again?  Possibly, but the biggest issue with holidaying at ‘home’ is the fickle British weather, as we’d discovered on this trip.

Here’s to the next time!  🙂


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