Time in Tromsø

Sunrise: 9.26am Sunset: 1.30pm

This morning I awoke late and found it difficult to get out of bed. Maybe it was the late night last night, the excess of drink, the dark morning or a combination of all three, but I did feel really sluggish and my bad ankle was throbbing and twingeing. 😦

After getting dressed and having a muffin and a cup of coffee for breakfast, we decided to venture into the town at about 11.00am. Today was our last day in Tromsø as we would be setting sail for Alta at five o’clock.
The roads were cold and icy so I put some ice-grips over my walking boots. These consist of rubber things with metal studs in them which stretch to fit over the bottom of your boots. The sensation is a bit like footballers walking with their football studs on. They are great on ice and snow, but a bit precarious on normal pavement as you don’t have the same traction.

We took a slow stroll into the town and went into a café for a hot cup of coffee. Then it was back into the cold again. On passing the local Co-op, we went in and I bought some more salmiak to take back to work for my colleagues to taste, as well as some for myself. 🙂

We wandered around a bit more in the crisp, cold air in which the light had already taken on the appearance of late afternoon / early evening. Then we decided to go back to the Boudicca to have some lunch.

Afterwards we just pottered about, doing not much in particular. I did some of this blog, read my Kindle and whiled away the time, while Trevor went off to the cinema to see Dances with Wolves.

At 5.00pm we felt the increased vibrations that indicated Boudicca had started up her engines again and was getting ready to depart. Not long afterwards we saw the lights of Tromsø receding into the distance against the black skyline as we put to sea once more.

I was still having problems with my ankle; it was really quite red and swollen. If it’s no better by this time tomorrow I will have to go and visit the ship’s doctor, in case it’s something serious like cellulitis.

After getting washed and changed, it was the usual: off to the Four Seasons restaurant for our dinner, then into the Neptune Lounge where, once again, we were treated to a great performance by comedy magician Steve Price. Then we went up to do the quiz with M & M in the Lido Lounge. The questions were quite hard, which was reflected by the fact that the winners only scored 15/20. We got a poor 12/20 – the worst we’ve done.

Tonight we didn’t stay too long and didn’t have too much of the (free!) booze. We were back in our cabin by 11.00pm, where we read a bit before settling down for the night.

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