Longer Days

It might seem strange to be talking about the days getting longer in November, but as we are heading south again we have noticed we are getting more daylight.  Today the sun didn’t set until 2.50pm!  🙂

Today we had a relaxing day at sea.  The mornings were still dark (sunrise at 9.24am) so it was still difficult to get up in the morning.  So it was about 9.00am when I got up, and I just made use of the tea and coffee making facilities in the cabin rather than go up to breakfast.

We didn’t really do a lot today.  Just wandered around on the deck, relaxed in the lounges socialising with our fellow passengers, and made the most of the superb food and drink.  My workouts in the gym had sadly fallen by the wayside by now.  😦

Instead of going to the restaurant for our lunch, we decided to go up to the Café Venus, a pleasant area adjacent to the library that serves speciality coffees, hand-made Belgian chocolates and features a “Scone of the Day”.  Today the scone was pear and ginger, which sounded delicious, so we enjoyed a warm, freshly baked scone with jam and cream and washed down with a cappuccino.  Most indulgent!   🙂

Afterwards we went along to the ship’s boutique where we noticed they were having a sale on.  I went in and eagerly browsed the racks of clothes.  I have often bought some nice items on ships in the past; tops, dresses, a tankini, wraps etc. and today was no exception.  I got myself a nice crocheted and beaded cardigan in a gold/beige colour which would look good over either a camisole or a strappy dress.  It was half price so it only cost £22.50.  I decided I’d wear it tonight.

At two o’clock we went along to the Neptune Lounge where they were holding a photographic quiz entitled “How Well Do You Know Boudicca?”.  It consisted on 30 photographs and you had to identify where on the ship they were taken.  We teamed up with another couple of ladies and got 22/30, which won the quiz by miles.  Yippee! We’d finally won a quiz.  Our prize was a couple of prize vouchers, but as we haven’t been collecting them we just let the other ladies have ours.  🙂

The Neptune Lounge today was holding a Grand Tea Dance at 3.45pm, but as we can’t really dance and we certainly want to eat any more cakes, we decided to go, as usual, to the Lido Lounge for the afternoon quiz.  Once again there were only seats at the bar, but that was no problem as I enjoyed a delicious sangria (they are made with red wine, Cointreau, brandy, orange juice and lemonade, with slices of fruit and crushed ice.  Refreshing and quite strong!)

We only got 13/20, but there were only two of us in the team, so not too bad.

When we went to the Neptune Lounge tonight for the post-prandial show, we discovered they were having a “Nautical Know It All” call my bluff-type game show and they wanted three passengers to volunteer to be on the panel.  Trevor volunteered me to get up!  The theme was that you had to guess the correct definition of a nautical term; each of three of the entertainments team (Elliot, Duncan and Sam) would give a possible definition and you had to say which one you thought was correct.  It really was very funny with lots of innuendo, particularly from Sam who is quite openly gay.  🙂

The passenger team won 2-1, so we each received… wait for it… 10 prize tokens!  Now we wished we hadn’t given our tokens away following our quiz win earlier, as we would have got 12 points by now.  At the end of the cruise you trade your points in for prizes.

The main show tonight was Lee Carroll, the comedian.  We actually thought he was funnier this time than he was is in first show and we enjoyed a good belly laugh.

Then it was up to the Lido Lounge to join Malcolm and Margaret for the quiz.  But we’d had all our wins for today.  So we had a good dance at the disco (or at least I did, Trevor doesn’t really like to get up) and it was a late night once again before we returned to cabin 5050.


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