Indian Ocean meets Atlantic Ocean

We didn’t really do a lot today.  Got up about 8.45am and went up, as usual to have our breakfast in the Veranda Café.  Then we just spent time pottering around the ship before going into Scott’s Lounge to watch a towel folding demonstration by the cabin stewards.

As with napkins, you can (with a little imagination and creativity) fold towels into different shapes and examples of these were usually found around the edge of the pool every day.  There were swans, tortoises and a fabulous crocodile, but today we learned how to make a frog and a dog, and something else that I’ve forgotten.  My finished articles bore no resemblance to what they were supposed to be!   🙂

Afterwards we went up on deck and sat in the sun enjoying a pre-luncheon drink.  We had a good wander around the vessel and I took lots of photos to put on my web site.  We noticed that there was a good sea swell of at least 12′ and the ship was rolling quite a bit; I think we were not far from the Cape of Good Hope, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

Lunch, once again, was a delicious barbecue by the pool with a good selection of meats and salads.

After lunch I went back to the cabin and washed, blow-dried and styled my hair ready for tonight, which was formal night once again and the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail Party.

The rest of the afternoon I just spent reading, doing my kumihimo and taking part in the afternoon quiz.  Then, at 5.00pm, I started getting ready in my glad-rags; I wore a long, plum-coloured dress with a sequinned bodice and matching sequinned lace jacket.  I pinned my hair up using the hair-piece to give myself a glamorous chignon.

Then off we went to the Darwin Lounge, once again positioning ourselves at the end of the row to make the most of the free champers.  The motion of the Voyager was really noticeable and the entertainment staff advised all those standing (particularly the ladies in their high heels) to take a seat.

We enjoyed about three glasses of the free fizz, and we noticed that the waiters were replenishing their trays from the nearby Lookout Lounge bar, as there isn’t a bar in the Darwin Lounge.  Trevor therefore went along to have a look, and came back with another couple of free glasses of plonk.  So we didn’t do so badly today.   🙂

We went into the Discovery Restaurant about 7.00pm and enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of lobster thermidor spent in the good company of our fellow diners.

For some reason tonight the quiz was in the Darwin Lounge instead of the usual venue; we were joined once again by Beryl and Sue and we only missed out by a point.  We decided to stay afterwards for Evening Showtime, which was the Voyager Theatre Company’s tribute to Noël Coward.  We didn’t enjoy the show; we thought it was boring and the singing and acting were pretty amateurish.  We were pleased when it was over!   😦

We finished the evening off as we did every night; went up to the Sunset Club, had a few more drinks served by the irrepressible Roger, who dragged me up onto the dance floor a couple of times.

We returned to cabin 4130 around midnight to settle down for the night.  Tomorrow we were due to reach our final port of call, Cape Town.

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