Relaxing at Sea

We were up about 8.00am and looked out of our portholes, to a fairly calm sea and blue sky with fluffy white clouds. We hoped it would be a fine day, but on this cruise we really didn’t know what sort of weather to expect, heading north as we were.

When we got along to the self-service restaurant for our breakfast, the queues were tremendous. We couldn’t understand why as we’ve never had an issue with queueing before; we only have about 800 passengers on board Boudicca compared to 5000 or so on some of the American ships, so queueing is quite rare. We assumed everyone had come for breakfast at the same time, but it turned out that the self-service wasn’t self-service at all; the area was roped off and the waiters asked what you wanted, before putting it on a plate for you. Subsequently it took a lot longer, hence the queues. Apparently they were trying to reduce the risk of Norovirus, but we decided in future we’d go to the restaurant and have waiter service if this was going to continue.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed a plate of smoked salmon, cold meats, fresh fruit and a chilled glass of Prosecco. Yes!  On Fred ships you will always find Prosecco or cava next to the orange juice at breakfast so you can enjoy a Bucks Fizz with your brekkie. A nice touch. 🙂

After breakfast we went along to a Thai massage seminar in the Lido Lounge. When we got there, we were the only ones there and the masseuse gave Trevor a 15-minutes neck and shoulder massage whilst explaining the various techniques used in Thai massage, where the thumbs, elbows, knees and even the feet are used to massage any tight or tense muscles. Another lady wandered into the lounge to see what was happening and she too was given a brief massage; we were amused at some of the grimacing she was doing as the masseuse must have had fingers of steel. 🙂

There were still only three people at the ‘seminar’ by this time and the masseuse used up the remainder of her time by giving me a massage too, but I asked her not to do it too hard as I didn’t want to feel like tenderised steak afterwards.

By this time it was time for me to go along to the spa for a pedicure, and Trevor came with me to book in for a massage the following morning.

I enjoyed the pedicure and it finished just in nice time for us to go up to the Lido Lounge for the morning quiz at 11.30am. It was packed in there and we took a stool each at the bar; I enjoyed a glass of cava while Trevor had a pint of Stella. We scored 16/20 in the quiz, but there were about six teams scored 18, so it had to go to a tie-breaker.

While we were in the Lido Lounge we spotted a couple of familiar faces – John and Jean Fletcher, from Yorkshire, who we had met on two previous cruises; once on Boudicca in 2014 and once on Voyager in 2015. So this is the third year we’d seen them! We enjoyed another drink and a chat with them; they had some friends with them and the guy, Kevin I believe he was called, had me roaring with laughter at some of the things he had got up to whilst serving in the Merchant Navy. An amusing interlude before lunch. 🙂

I enjoyed a plate of mixed salad and cold meats washed down with a chilled glass of (free!) rosé wine. Then we had a look around the shops to see if there were any bargains and had a wander outside; it wasn’t too cold but the brisk sea breeze made it seem cooler, and it would have been too chilly to sit outside or go in the pool.

The afternoon passed in its pleasant and relaxing way until it was time to start getting ready for the Captain’s cocktail party at 5.30pm. At four o’clock I went along to the salon to have my hair put up, then I did my makeup and Trevor and I got ourselves glammed up for the evening. Trevor wore his dinner suit with a dark blue bow-tie and cummerbund, and I wore a long black velvet dress with long evening gloves and a lace choker, and shoes with 5” heels.

Off we went to the Neptune Lounge, stopping en route to have a formal portrait taken as well as a photo with Captain Mikael Degerlund, who is from Finland. We hadn’t seen this captain before, but his speech was very funny as he introduced his officers and made dry quips about many of them. We enjoyed some of the free drinks and canapés but we’ve often said before that when you’re travelling all-inclusive the thrill of the freebies has gone a bit, as it’s all ‘free’. 🙂

We then went along to enjoy another delicious dinner, wining and dining with the emphasis for me very much on the former. We enjoyed the dinnertime conversation with our table-mates, more so the couple opposite us whose names were Willie and Lynn, from Scotland. The other couple were quieter and we still didn’t find out their names.

Then it was the usual after dinner – along to the Neptune Lounge for the show, which featured a fantastic violinist called Oliver Lewis. He played everything from contemporary to classical, accompanied by the excellent Boudicca Orchestra. We enjoyed his show a great deal.

Tonight there was no quiz on, so we went up to the Lido Lounge and enjoyed listening to the pianist again, before it was karaoke time at 11.00pm. I always enjoy getting up in the karaoke, and I put my name down to do Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U. When I got up in my 5” heels I could feel the ship’s motion quite distinctly, on top of the several glasses of vino I’d consumed, so I stayed prudently near to a pillar so I could grab onto it if need be.

A few other singers got up and the overall standard was quite good. Then I got up again to do the Cranberries’ Zombie, but I’d never sang this one before at karaoke so I missed the cue to come in. Hopefully the bits I did sing sounded OK, but I think that one needs more practice. 🙂

We left the Lido Lounge well after 1.00am and made our way back to cabin 4125. Whilst I was getting undressed, a combination of the ship’s motion and the fact that I’d embraced the all-inclusive package a little too enthusiastically caused me to catch my toes painfully on the wardrobe door which sent me crashing to the floor. Stumbling into bed I was asleep more or less instantly. Tomorrow we were due to arrive in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

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