A Fun Day At Sea

We got up around 8.30am this morning and tried not to think about the fact that we only had three more days of our wonderful cruise to go.  Once again we’d lost an hour’s sleep as the clocks had to be put yet closer to British time.  😦

The weather looked a bit more cloudy than it had been, but at least it wasn’t raining, as we had some more of the Boudicca ‘Olympics’ to play today, most of them on the outside decks.

We went and had our breakfast and pottered around for a bit before making our way up to Deck 7 for the Shuffleboard round.  I have never played shuffleboard in my life, but it looks like a big game of shove ha’penny (which I have played before, many moons ago).  The decking was slightly damp where they had been washing it, and I felt that would hinder the ability of the wooden discs to slide easily, as was indeed the case.

We were put into teams of pairs, men against ladies, and I was absolutely useless; I couldn’t even get my discs to go into the scoring area.  I wasn’t the only one, however, and a few of us commented that it was harder than it looked.  In the end, the scoring was so low (non-existant, in fact) that Mike, the organiser, said he would award points to whoever got their disc nearest to the scoring area.  Neither Trevor nor I were in the medals this time.

We just had enough time between the shuffleboard and our next game of quoits to nip to the Lido Lounge for the morning quiz.  There were just the two of us playing but we scored 16/20 – not enough to win.

Then we hotfooted in back to Deck 7 to play quoits, which consisted of lobbing rope rings into a scoring area of concentric circles; the outer ring scored 1, the inner scored 3 and the ‘bullseye’ scored 5.  Again, it was harder than it looked, made more so by the fact that the passengers who were doing laps of the deck in order to walk a mile kept walking over the playing area, disrupting us somewhat.  Once again I failed to score a single point; I never was any good at games at school so it looks as though nothing had changed.

Once the deck games had finished it took us just nicely to lunchtime, and we enjoyed our meal in the Tintagel Restaurant, washed down with a chilled glass of rosé wine.

Then, at 1.30pm, we went up to the area outside the Observatory to play the last of the ‘Olympic’ games today, hoopla.  This was similar to quoits but you had five rings each to throw and you had to ring some posts on the floor; the further away the post the higher the score.  I missed with every single one of my rings, but Trevor got a high score and indeed won the silver medal.  🙂

Tomorrow we would complete the Boudicca Olympics with a treasure hunt around the ship.

Afterwards Trevor decided to go in the Jacuzzi and I thought I’d go up to the Lido Lounge and do some of this blog, while enjoying a nice glass of cava.  While I was there, some passengers came in to join in the ‘Singing for Fun’ sessions, and it was quite enjoyable listening to them do their choir practice.

Then Trevor came in to join me, and we stayed to watch the Boudicca’s version of “Countdown”, which they had to call “Downcount” because of copyright reasons.

It brought us nicely to the afternoon quiz, and our team consisted of the usual suspects; me and Trevor, Steve and Marilyn and Michael and Julia.  We were doing all right and but changed our mind about one of the answers which had originally been correct, so it cost us a chance in the tie-breaker.  Ah well, c’est la vie.  🙂

Then it was time to return to cabin 4125 after a fairly active day, to get washed and changed in time for dinner.  We enjoyed the usual convivial company of our fellow table mates (a full house this time, as Doug and Sue were also there) before making our way to the Neptune Lounge to get a good seat for tonight’s variety performance which featured all our guest entertainers (apart from the magician – I don’t know what happened to him).  It was an excellent show, hosted by Simon Sands, the comedian.

Afterwards it was time for the evening quiz, and we were joined by Steve, Julia and the couple we’d done the quiz with the other night, David and Lorna.  We were in the tie-breaker yet again!!  This time we had to state how many feet were in a nautical mile, which is fairly easy to calculate if you know that a nautical mile = 1.1508 statute miles, so roughly 15% greater.  In the time allowed we calculated it was about 6,100 feet, which was the closest answer to the correct answer of 6,080 feet.  Yay!!  Another bottle of cava was ours!  Four wins now.  🙂

We stayed in the Neptune Lounge for quite a while afterwards, chatting and enjoying the chilled cava. Then Trevor and I went up to the Lido Lounge which was absolutely packed and we could only get a seat on a bar stool at the bar.  That’s because entertainment hosts Mike Davis and Jonny Beck were performing once again; they were obviously very popular.

It was getting on for 1.00am before we went to bed; we had one more full sea day to enjoy tomorrow.  What a fun day we’d had today!  🙂

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