The Foibles of Fellow Passengers

Stuff I’ve noticed, not just on Braemar but on other ships as well:

a) People who book on a transatlantic voyage then complain that we are spending too many days at sea.  This trip was advertised as a Caribbean/transatlantic.  Looking at the itinerary we could see that 10 out of the 16 days would be at sea, so why should that come as a surprise to so many people?

b) People who book a cruise way up above the Arctic Circle in winter, then complain because it’s cold and dark.  This was a moan we heard regularly on our cruise up to Trømso and Alta in November 2014.

c) People who book a walking tour, which is advertised as a walking tour, then complain that there is too much walking involved.  One we heard when visiting Hamburg for the Christmas Markets in 2007.

d) People who book the cheapest cabin possible, down on the lowest deck at the very stern, then complain about vibrations/noise from the engine room.  This is one we hear every time, on every ship.

e) People who don’t, or can’t read the notifications/instructions in the events programme that is delivered to our cabin every day.  For example, those who turn up in shorts/t-shirts when the dress code is “Smart Casual”, and those who turn up dressed in smart-casual when the dress code is “Formal”.

f) People who never listen to any instructions issued.  For example, the tour manager will say something like “Can those with tickets ‘A’ and ‘B’ make their way to the gangway please?” and those with tickets ‘C’ and ‘D’ get up as well.  Again, this happens every time, on every ship.

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