Blue Birds Over

Woke up early, around 6.00am, and became aware that the Braemar was quiet and still.  Looking out of our portholes, we could see the famous White Cliffs of Dover, as we were already docked.  Went back to sleep for an hour, then got up, got washed and dressed, packed our few remaining things in our hand-luggage, then made our way to the Thistle Restaurant for breakfast.

We were joined by Pam and her daughter Kathryn, with whom we’d dined on our first night on board; both of them are excellent singers and had brought the house down with their amazing duet in the passenger talent show, Tell Him, by Celine Dion and Barbra Steisand.

Afterwards it was time to go back to our cabin and collect our bags, as they’d started to disembark the passengers already.  We picked up our coats and bags, took one last look around to make sure we hadn’t left anything behind, then went along to the crowded Morning Light pub to await our call to disembark.  We weren’t in any particular hurry, as our train from Dover Priory station was not until 10:44.

Around 8.00am we disembarked the Braemar, went to the luggage hall to collect our cases, then made our way to the taxi rank.  The weather was cool and damp, but at least it wasn’t actually raining.  It only took a few minutes before a taxi arrived, and off we went.

We had about an hour and a half to wait, so we sat in the Pumpkin café and I bought a magazine to read while enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up with all the emails on my phone.

The ride to London St. Pancras only took about an hour and 10 minutes, giving us a 40 minute wait.  As our daughter Kathryn lives and works in London and was in the area, she met us off the Dover train and we spent half an hour or so chatting before we made our way to King’s Cross, where our train was already in.

Then off we went on the three hour journey back to Durham, where our train pulled in on time at 15:30.  We were back in the house before four o’clock, after the end of another fabulous cruise.

Can’t wait for the next one!  🙂

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