The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

Got up at eight o’clock this morning and went out onto the balcony to see what the weather was like.  Once again, although dry, it was cooler than we’d expected and cloudy, but the Pacific Ocean was fairly calm as the Celebrity Eclipse glided through the waves, and we enjoyed the hypnotic shhhhh shhhhh of the sea washing against the side of the ship.

We went and had our breakfasts in the Ocean View café and had a wander out on deck.  Quite a few people were power-striding or jogging around the track above the pool deck, and one or two people were in the pool or the jacuzzi, but the sun loungers were mainly empty.

At half-nine we went up to the sky lounge where we were joined once again by Kendal, Janet, Frank and Norm for the morning trivia.  We scored 13/15 and were the winners once again, earning another wrist band each.  😊

Then, at 10 o’clock, we went into the Eclipse Theatre to listen to the music historian Bill Powell give a very interesting talk about Elvis Presley, interspersed with clips from his music.  It was a very interesting lecture, and quite sad at the end regarding Elvis’s untimely death in 1977 at the age of 42.

Afterwards we went and had a cup of coffee before going on the wander around the ship again.  We briefly watched a paper aeroplane challenge between officers and passengers in the central atrium, before taking one of the glass-sided lifts up to the top deck.  Those lifts would be no good for someone with a fear of heights, as they made you realise just how many decks and how tall this ship was, as we watched each level recede away from us.

We pottered around the ship in the usual pleasant way and enjoyed a light lunch before making our way to the Eclipse Lounge once again for a 1.30pm matinée performance by the Rave-Ons.  Their popularity was evident by the already-packed lounge when we arrived, and we were lucky to get decent seats down near the front

The show was enthusiastic and energetic, with the three excellent guitarists and singers, and the manic drummer in the background, who reminded me of ‘Animal’ out of the Muppet Show.  😊  It was a superb performance, and most of the audience stood up at the end.  Great stuff.

At half-three we returned to the Sky Lounge to meet up with the rest of our quiz team, and took part in Round 2 of the Progressive Trivia quiz.  After the first round we were joint leaders, so we had to ensure we maintained our position.  We did quit well once again, and handed our papers in so that the accumulative score could be calculated.  Then we sat and talked for a while before making our way back to cabin 8166 to relax, get showered and changed, and ready for dinner at 5.45pm.

Whilst Celebrity cruises don’t enforce a formal dress code, they do have ‘evening chic’ nights where passengers may dress up a little more, and wear dinner jackets if they wish.  Trevor had brought a smart pair of grey trousers with matching waistcoat, a crisp white shirt with red cufflinks which matched his red silk cravat – very elegant indeed.

I wore a yellow floral off-the-shoulder dress, but my pièce de résistance was my shoes – a pair of Irregular Choice colourful high-heeled sandals that depicted fake flowers at the front and a Hawaiian lei at the ankle strap, as well as a heel consisting of a hula girl in a grass skirt playing her ukulele!

Predictably, every few paces I walked, I was stopped by people passing by, marvelling at my shoes and examining them, “oohing” and “aahing” over them and asking where I got them.  No-one had ever seen anything like it, but the Irregular Choice brand is well-known for its concept heels which is something I like to collect.  😊

Eventually, after stopping many times, we arrived at the Moonlight Sonata restaurant, and took our seats at table #350.  We had a full house tonight, all 12 of us, and we enjoyed the usual delicious meal and wine and excellent conversation.

After dinner we made our way to the Quasar Lounge to take part in the trivia, which was Movie Posters.  We thought we were doing quite well, but we couldn’t finish the quiz (which had 25 questions) as we had to be in the Eclipse Lounge in good time for the Captain’s welcome.  It was a much watered-down welcome compared to those we usually experience on the Fred Olsen ships; there was no dancing or canapés or free cocktails or glasses of fizz, just Captain Leonardos Palaiokrassas (“Captain Leo”) who put in a five-minute token appearance and introduced his senior officers before the show started at nine o’clock.

Tonight’s performance featured a female singer called Jen Jayden.  She appeared in a pair of painted-on shiny trousers, and a leather corset, very rock-chick and she belted out her songs with much energy and gusto, accompanied by the superb ship’s orchestra.  She was a very good entertainer, even if she did seem to think a little highly of herself.

After the show we headed upstairs for the “Sounds of the 70s” disco followed by dancing and Abba Singalong, but the Sky Lounge was absolutely packed and the only available seats were at the periphery of the room near the windows (excellent for the sea views in the dark) but too far from the music and the main action.

We therefore decided to go elsewhere, and we made our way to the Martini Ice Bar where I enjoyed a martini made with watermelon juice and Grey Goose vodka amongst other things.  We then had one more drink before returning to cabin 8166 around 11.30pm, fairly early for us when we’re on holiday.

Once again, we’d had an enjoyable day – we just hoped the weather would improve.  We also stood to gain an extra hour in bed as the clocks went back once again; we are now nine hours behind GMT.

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