Cruise, Booze and Fabulous Shoes

Got up at 7.30 this morning and were dismayed to see that the decks were wet, and it wasn’t because the deck-hands had been washing them.  ☹

After getting washed and dressed we made our way up to Deck 14 to take the route alongside the pool to the Ocean View café. There was a fine rain (what we called a ‘mizzle’, i.e. mist+drizzle) so we decided to take the slightly-longer way across, under the canopies for shelter.  As we did so, the skies opened and the rain came pelting down, thundering on the Perspex roof.  We hoped the downpour would clear the skies for some long-awaited sun later on.

We enjoyed our substantial breakfast, washed down with orange juice and coffee, before we ventured out on deck again, where we were pleased to see that the skies were showing a bit more blue.  😊

At 9.30am we joined the rest of our quiz team “It’s Only A Game” for the brain-waker trivia.  Before the quiz host, Shania, could give out the answers, Captain Leo’s voice came booming over the tannoy with the latest geographical and meteorological information, followed by cruise director Lauren’s voice, which went on and on and on, practically reading out the whole of the events programme to us.  That girl talks far too much!  Everyone cheered when she finally shut up, and Shania could continue with the results of the quiz.

We won once again, adding another rubber wrist band to our collection.  Considering we have been on some cruises where we’ve never won a single quiz, we were doing very well so far. 😊

After the quiz, we went back out on deck where – hooray! – the sun was out and there was a pleasant tropical sea breeze.  This was more like it, and certainly what we expected on a cruise to Hawaii.

We spent the morning just relaxing and pottering around the ship, not doing very much in particular but just enjoying being on holiday and not at work.  All around us we could see the sparkling blue of the Pacific Ocean as the Celebrity Eclipse glided through the waters, which were very calm with a barely-discernible ship’s motion.

We went up to the Lawn Club (grass! on a ship!) and enjoyed a pre-luncheon cocktail; I had a nice cold Aperol Spritz while Trevor had a chilled bottle of Samuel Adams beer.  By now, the sun was very hot, and it would have been far too easy to be lulled into a false sense of security by the cooling sea breeze, so we didn’t stay in the sun for more than half an hour before seeking shelter at the Sunset Bar.

After a light lunch we headed back to cabin 8166 to sit out on our balcony for a while; it was extremely pleasant watching the sea glide past and enjoying the fresh air – it is something we never tire of.

We then had a half-hour power nap before going up to the Sky Lounge to take part in the music trivia, which was all about pop divas.  Of our regular team-mates only Kendal put in an appearance, but we joined another group of three and made up another team that way.  It was good that we did, because we won again, so that was another wrist band!  The other teams will start to get suspicious!  😊

Once the quiz finished, it was time for a ballroom dancing class featuring the waltz.  Trevor and I went to join in, but the dance floor was packed and we couldn’t see the feet of the dance instructors, (also they were teaching it differently from the way we’ve been learning it at home) so we just gave up and went back to join Kendal and Janet and enjoyed a drink each from the bar. 😊

At 3.30p, Frank and Norm joined us for the progressive trivia; we seemed to do pretty well once again but we won’t know which team is the overall winner until near the end of the cruise, as this was a points accumulator.

The rest of the afternoon passed in its usual relaxed and pleasant way, and soon we had to go back to 8166 to get showered and changed and ready for dinner.  How the day goes by quickly when you’re having a good time!

Tonight I decided to wear some smart white jeans with a navy camisole with a blue and green mesh overlay top, along with a pair of Irregular Choice flats.  These ones were called “Fruity Bowl” and were a very colourful pair with a pale blue glittery background featuring bananas, grapes, peaches, strawberries, cherries and the accompanying green leaves.  As ever, loads of people commented on them as we made our way to the restaurant.  😊

Dinner was as good and as delicious as ever, and afterwards we went along to the Quasar Lounge and listened to the questions being read out for the nearby Friendly Feuds (Family Fortunes) game show.  Then, at half-eight, we took part in the Tribond Trivia, at which Kendal joined us.  We didn’t know what was meant by ‘tribond’, but it’s a game in which you have to find the common word between three seemingly-unrelated items.  For example, the words “eggs, eyes, laundry items” would have the word “whites” in common.

In this way we completed the quiz and scored 15/15, so another rubber wrist band each to add to our growing collection.  😊

It was then time to take our seats in the Eclipse Lounge for tonight’s show, which featured the Celebrity Singers, Dancers and Acrobatic Performers (i.e. the show company).  It was called “Topper” and the stage contained a large top hat from which several colourful characters emerged. As the daily programme described it: “The enigmatic Sir Peabody keeps his eccentric friends, both real and imaginary, locked away in his giant hat. Enjoy what happens when they yearn for life outside”.  We did indeed enjoy it and thought it was a very imaginative and unusual show.

A scene from the show Topper

It was then time to return to the Quasar Lounge and take our place on our ‘regular’ bar stools in time for the karaoke.  Several other people were in the lounge already and, judging by the volume of noise coming from a particular group at the bar, some of them had clearly been enjoying a drink (or three!) beforehand.

The karaoke was a packed and lively affair.  I got up and did two numbers, the first being Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson, and the second It’s a Heartache by Bonnie Tyler.  One guy who was dressed as a country yokel (quite appropriately) was an excellent country-style hill-billy singer with a large repertoire of songs; we were sure he had to be a professional and when we asked him, he said that was known to be paid occasionally for singing.  😊

It was quite late when we left the karaoke (after 11.45pm) and returned to stateroom 8166 after another great day.  We had to put our clocks back one more hour tonight, putting us 10 hours behind GMT and onto Hawaiian time, so we gained another hour in bed.  We slept very well, as the Celebrity Eclipse carried us ever-closer to our destination.

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