Farewell, but not Goodbye

There’s not much more to say now. We woke up this morning and I stared up at the sloping ceiling in cabin #1 and felt so sad that we would not spend a night on board again this trip. I say “this trip” because I am certain we will be back some day. 🙂

We got up and reluctantly started our packing. There wasn’t much stuff on a 6-night cruise in which formal wear was replaced by waterproofs and, after most of it was done, we made our way to the saloon where the other five passengers were sitting around in a companionable silence; some reading the paper, some checking emails and others out on deck to get the last photos around the Glen Tarsan in case there were any bits we’d missed. 🙂

Breakfast was a grand event with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon featuring, as well as the inevitable hot porridge and wholemeal toast and chunky marmalade or honey. Shortly afterwards the Glen Tarsan weighed anchor to continue on her way, and I almost hoped that the winching gear would fail again, to allow us to stay on board that bit longer. 🙂

We had a couple of hours or so to reach Oban, and we determined to make the most of the 100 or so minutes left of our marvellous cruise. We wandered around on deck, looked at the passing scenery, sat outside and breathed in that incomparable fresh salty air, and listened to the “ssshh, ssshh” of the water washing against the side of the Glen Tarsan. We saw the ropes, the anchor and the fenders and the yellow funnel, and the Saltire flying high from the mast – we wanted to remember every single thing.

All too soon we arrived back in Oban, where two of the Majestic Line’s vessels, the Glen Etive and the Glen Shiel had already arrived. The Glen Massan was a short way behind us, but all four sisters would be ready to welcome their new passengers from tomorrow, who would hopefully leave with the same fantastic memories that we had. 🙂

Don’t cry because it’s over,
Smile because it happened.

So that is it, really. The gangplank was lowered, we all disembarked, then there was the usual “Keep in touch” and the Covid-19 necessitated elbow bumps instead of handshakes or hugs.

As we walked away, I glanced over my shoulder at the Glen Tarsan and experienced the same soppy feelings inside that I felt at my first glimpse of her. Blinking rapidly several times, I turned away, hefted my bag higher on my shoulder, and made the first steps back to our car and the long drive home.

5 thoughts on “Farewell, but not Goodbye


    Debbie, I’ve just finished reading your Blog. I enjoyed your perspective on places I know. You made me feel as if I was with you especially in your description of trips in the ‘Tupperware tub’ and the gorgeous daily menus.
    Jenny (Skipper Dave’s wife)

  2. Anne Morris

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog – and I too have a tear in my eye now!

    Beware, Majestic is totally addictive, and there is apparently no known cure. I have missed 2 cruises in 2020 and 2021 – but have all fingers crossed that a little extra 3 nighter that I just HAD to book to make up, in October, will be fine. But I now have 3 to look forward to in 2022 and 2023!!

    Anne (no relation to Skipper Dave!)

  3. Debbie, I have just re-read your lovely blog you shared of our trip on the Glen Tarsan. What lovely memories of a very special trip you have captured in words and pictures so beautifully. Thankyou. I’m really looking forward to returning to cruise Mull in 2022 with the marvel that is the Majestic line!

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