Latvia? No. Switzerland? No.

Scarborough? Yes! Not Scarborough, Tobago, in the sunny Caribbean, oh no. Nothing that exotic. I'm talking about Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 🙂 Not that there's anything wrong with this quintessential English seaside town on the North Sea - it's a very popular place in the summer months and we have visited often. But it's not the …

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Airports and Alnwick

RMS Olympic is probably most famous for being one of the sisters of the Titanic. She was built in 1910 and scrapped on the Tyne in 1937. Before she was dismantled completely, many of the fittings and artworks were auctioned. The then-owner of The White Swan bought the Olympic’s first-class dining room and transported it to the hotel, reconstructing it in all its splendour.

Castles, Towers and a Dragon

Our first visit was to the park at Wawel (pronounced Vavel) Hill to see the legendary Wawel Dragon statue. The statue was designed by Polish sculptor Bronisław Chromy and completed in 1969; it was installed in its present location in 1972. It contains a natural gas supply and is set to ignite roughly every five minutes, leading to its fiery breath! We had noticed, in souvenir shops, there were lots of dragon ornaments and plush dragon soft toys, and now we knew why.