All the ships, past and present, we’ve ever sailed in, in alphabetical order. Each ship contains link(s) to the blog posts for the voyage(s) we’ve done in that ship, where available.

Just a note: All the pictures of the ships and any information about them was correct at the time we sailed on those particular ships. A lot has changed since our first sea voyage in 1988 and this means that the cruise lines and ships portrayed in this web site may no longer exist as shown.

Caribbean Cruise – February 2016
Cruise around the British Isles – May 2013
North Sea 3-day mini-cruise to Zeebrugge – November 2017
Transatlantic and South America – January 2013
Central America and Panama Canal – December 2006 (no blog posts available)
Transatlantic and Caribbean – October 2005 (no blog posts available)
French and Italian Riviera – May 2011
Transpacific voyage from Japan to Alaska – May 2019
European Waterways – August 2019
German Waterways – August 2017
Norwegian Fjords – June 2016
Titanic Memorial Cruise – April 2012
Atlantic Islands cruise – April 2008 (no blog entries available)
Baltic Cruise – July 2013
Caribbean/Transatlantic voyage in March 2017
Cape Verde Islands in January 2014
Amazon and Brazil adventure in February 2011
Indian Ocean voyage – Mauritius to Sri Lanka in December 2018
The fjords of Greenland – August 2018
In search of the Northern Lights – November 2014
All the way to Svalbard – July 2008 (no blog entries available)
Arabian Sea voyage in January 2018
Across the Pacific to Hawaii from Los Angeles in October 2019
Inner Hebrides and sea lochs of Argyll – May 2021
Scottish Isles cruise – May 2012
Antarctic Expedition – January 2006
Mediterranean cruise – September 2001 (no blog posts available)
Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas – October 2018
Lusitania Remembered voyage – May 2015
Maiden Voyage – December 2007 (no blog posts available)
Caribbean cruise – December 2011
Indian Ocean and South Africa voyage – January 2015
Galápagos Islands – October 2017

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