Home Again :-(

Well folks, this is the boring part.  We got up early, went up to the Lido Buffet for a good breakfast, left our cabin and went to the Queen’s Room, where we had to wait until we could disembark.

After about an hour, our group was called and we left the Queen Elizabeth and made our way to the luggage terminal to retrieve our cases.  We boarded the coach and off we went; we had a good seven hour journey ahead of us.

At lunchtime the coach stopped at a motorway services place for an hour or so, and we went in and had something to eat.  Trevor had put a bottle of the Cava we had bought in Tenerife in his rucksack, so we cracked it open and sneaked it back on the bus, where we dispensed it into four paper cups we had acquired from the ship’s gym.  We shared it with Bob and Val, who were sitting opposite us, so it made the long journey back more like a last little bit of our holiday.  🙂

Then that was it – we arrived at Washington Services about 5.30pm, and got a taxi back home.  We had work to look forward to the next day.  😦

And so ended another great cruise.  🙂